Mira's combination of experience, knowledge, and passion made her the perfect choice to teach Habitat for Humanity's recent class on personal home safety. Everyone walked away feeling motivated to improve their home safety.

~ Beth Goldman, Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity

Mira's astonishing story of survival is a true inspiration and the epitome of a woman's inner strength - A presentation that is a "must see" for ladies of all ages. 

~ Darren Irwin, Owner Pale Horse Defense, LLC

​​​​​I found Officer O'Connell to be an amazingly inspiring woman.                ~ Alyssa, CNM Student 

After hearing about this life altering situation and what she was

able to overcome, it is truly a testament to "mindset for survival."

                Proud to know and work with her. 

~ Trish Hoffman, Retired Police Lieutenant/Founder of Women Against Crime

I was inspired by her words that life will take you places you never imagined and that there's a 

purpose to your like that you don't necessarily know.                      ~ Erin, CNM Student

She is a true inspiration to our young girls and has exhibited a life-long commitment to promoting respect for all women!                  ~ Esther, Daisy Girl Scout Leader                   

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​She was more than a guest speaker that spoke about her experience, she was a story herself.                                                                                ~ Ms. Nguyen, CNM Student